- sells all the presented vehicles worldwide, leaving to the customer the choice for transportation trough his own channels or with the help of Dege. As we do not take any benefit on shipping prices, and because of the large number of shipments we do very often come out with the most interesting rates.

The most usual way of payment is against a letter of credit issued by the customer's bank, we naturally also accept advanced payment or any other arrangement that we agree with the client.

- offers as special service to its clients also different vehicles in lease. This happens most of the time in large numbers, to cities and Public Transport Compagnies. We do lease as well used as new vehicles.
The leasing period is normally between 36 month (three year) and 60 months (five years) and payments are effectuated monthly. Please contact us for more information concerning this matter.

- is also specialised in delivering larger numbers of identical vehicles, especially city and inter-city buses and ex army vehicles, redone or as is.

Fleet of

Leased to the City of ARAD in Romania